The cellophane wrapping machine is widely used, and more and more manufacturers choose to use this machine to wrap products. So as to achieve a better packaging effect.

wrapping machine malaysia

A customer from Malaysia ordered a wrapping machine to package their soap. This packaging method allows consumers to better observe the soap.



  1. This machine is a fully automatic high-speed packaging equipment, which adopts the alternate packaging method of the multi-station turntable. All wrapping and heat-sealing actions are completed by cam transmission, which has the characteristics of high speed and stable operation.
  2. Products of different sizes can be packaged by changing the mold, and the newly designed multi-patented structure makes the replacement of the mold easier and faster.
  3. The new double-rotating film cutting knife increases the service life by 5 times, and cuts the film more accurately and smoothly.
  4. It is equipped with a double-sided wrinkle shaping device, which makes the film packaging more fit and beautiful.
  5. Equipped with a static eliminator, which can effectively eliminate the static electricity adsorbed on the packaging film and make the film feeding smoother.
  6. It can be connected to the fully automatic production line by changing the feeding method.


Why do Malaysian customers choose us?

  • Product advantages: Each device has undergone scientific testing and repeated manual testing to reflect usability, reliability.
  • Technical advantages: With a professional design team, we can independently design and develop new products.
  • Management advantage: The management system is sound and the technological process is perfect. The production site is clean and tidy, and the management is orderly.
  • After-sales advantage: Professional technical service support, training, installation, commissioning, and timely resolution of professional and technical problems for customers according to customer needs.