10 Packs Cigarette Box Cellophane Wrapping Machine for Sale

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This cigarette box wrapping machine is mainly focus on long or big shape boxed product, have much better packing effect. The machine is also applicable for the double boxes side by side, better utilization and much better values.


Advantages Cellophane Wrapping Machine for Sale:

Low cost and reliability: Use less film than shrink wrap machine. Savings in film cost and electrical persumption alone can represent substantial annual operational cost savings. And the simple, rugged construction protects against mechanical damage and minimizes maintenance costs.

Performance and ease of use: The wrapping machine can wrap from 10 to 25 boxes/min. Actual throughput depends on the box size. The wrapping film can be replaced according to different packaging requirements, but BOPP film is generally used.

Market versatility and product flexibility:The cigarette box wrapping machine can be used in Confectionery, Food, Pharmaceutical, Personal Care and other industrial. Modular frame and component design permits painless switches between paper and film. Whether launching new concepts or repositioning existing product lines, flexibility is unsurpassed.

Cigarette box wrapping machine factory

How to Extend The Cellophane Wrapping Machine Service Life?

If you want the cigarette box wrapping machine to serve you for a long time, you must check the equipment regularly, once a month, keep the working environment clean and tidy, and do not allow acids and other corrosive gases contained in the atmosphere to flow into it. If damage is found, repair it at any time. The machine must be kept clean and tidy, and oil must be applied to prevent rust. When not in use, cover it with a cloth.


Cigarette Box Wrapping Machine Technical Parameters:

Model CKBTB-400
Packaging material film and gold tear tape
Packing speed 10-25 boxes/min
Max.package size (L)300*(W)200*(H)100mm
Power 220V 50Hz  5.5kw
Machine weight 1250kg
Machine dimensions (L)2380*(W)1050*(H)1680mm


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