See which applications and uses of our machines and help you wrap your products.

Packaging for Cosmetics – cans, bottles, jars or flacon are usually packaged in cardboard boxes and wrapped with cellophane film. This packaging method can protect of the paper packaging from moisture , as well as the protect against unauthorized opening of the packaging, and maintain a high level of packing quality.

Packaging for Food – the cellophane wrapping can also be used optimally in the food sector. In addition to practical reasons such as the protection against unintentional opening and the preservation of the freshness of the food, the cellophane is also used to increase the anticipation of the delicacies in the box. People love to unpack gifts.

Packaging for Medicine – most medicine will eventually be packaged in boxes. and the box packed in cellophane film, protected from moisture. The cellophane film also protects against premature and unintentional opening of the actual product packaging, secures the integrity of the original packaging and the contents of these.

Packaging for Tobacco – cigarette box or tobacco box Aaso need to be protected. You can wrap single or 10 in one group. After wrapping your product it will be protected from tampering and keep it looking new for longer.

Our Cellophane wrapping machines can be used for a huge range of applications. If your product has flat sides, you can wrap it and protect it for shipping and sales. You product will arrive in the customer’s possession in pristine condition bringing joy and satisfaction.

If your product isn’t one of the applications above, get in contact and we’ll explain which of our cellophane wrapping machines will be good to protect it.

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