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Tea Box Wrapping Machine Introduction:

The cellophane wrapping machine mainly uses BOPP film as the packaging material, and is innovatively designed based on the advanced technology of domestic and foreign counterparts. It is a packaging machine that performs 3D folding and wrapping of boxes. The machine is composed of a control system, a power mechanism, a transmission mechanism, and a body. It has the characteristics of stable performance, simple operation, convenient maintenance, firm and beautiful sealing, and high degree of automation.

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Tea Box Wrapping Machine Features:

  1. Using multi-function digital display inverter electrical components, stable and reliable operation.
  2. The stepless speed regulation of the inverter is adopted to greatly reduce the transmission mechanism, improve the stability and reliability, and reduce the noise.
  3. Automatically complete feeding, film discharging, film cutting, folding, heat sealing, packaging, counting, sticking tear tape, etc.
  4. Instant heat sealing, no material in the heat sealing station.
  5. Sprocket-type transmission is adopted, reasonable structure, simple operation and convenient maintenance.
  6. Fully sealed packaging, anti-counterfeiting, moisture-proof and dust-proof.


Tea Box Wrapping Machine Working Principle:

The boxes in the storage bin are transported forward by the entrance conveyor, while the servo motor controls the output of the packaging film and cuts the film into a length that meets the requirements of product packaging by a cutter. The transmission mechanism pushes the wrapped box to the feeding propeller together, and the feeding propeller rotates continuously at a certain speed. In the process of rotation, film wrapping, folding and heat sealing can be realized successively, and the feed propeller then sends the goods to the export conveyor. The film is folded and heat-sealed at both ends while conveying, and the entire packaging process is automatically completed.


The cellophane wrapping machine can bring direct economic benefits to the enterprise, improve production efficiency, reduce labor costs, and fully airtightly packaged goods fully show the appearance of the products. Not only can it be anti-counterfeit, moisture-proof, and dust-proof, it can also increase the added value of tea, improve the grade of goods, and improve the quality of product decoration. And has a certain cushioning power, which can reduce the impact of the product from the outside.


Tea Box Wrapping Machine Packing Range:

Mainly used for outer packaging of boxed products, it is widely used in the BOPP film wrapping of various single small box items in the industries of medicine, tobacco, daily necessities, health care products, food, cosmetics, etc.

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