Automatic Tea Carton Over Wrapping Machine



The tea over wrapping machine adopts advanced technology at home and abroad, and has carried out innovative design. Suitable for tea carton of different specifications. The main body of the machine is a mechanical joint structure. It adopts stepless voltage stabilizer, automatic control and electrical accessories equipment. The automatic carton overwrapping machine is composed of mechanical, electrical and pneumatic components, with stable and reliable operation characteristics, sealed, smooth surface and beautiful appearance.


Tea Over Wrapping Machine Features:

This overwrapping machine is widely used in medicine, health care products, cosmetics, stationery and other industries. Such as tea boxes, medicine boxes, playing cards, cigarettes and other products. It is anti-counterfeiting and moisture-proof. Increase the added value of products, improve product grades, and improve the quality of decoration.

automatic carton overwrapping machine

Automatic Carton Overwrapping Machine Features:

  • The machine is controlled by PLC and runs more intelligently.
  • When the protective door is opened, the machine will automatically stop running, which greatly improves the safety factor of the machine.
  • The packing speed is adjusted by the frequency conversion device. The packing speed can be changed according to different job requirements.
  • When the size and specification of the tea carton is changed, only the mold parts need to be replaced and the parameters adjusted correctly.
  • The heating plate of the seal is controlled by a microcomputer and can be set according to changes in the external environment. The heating temperature can be kept within the set temperature range.

Packaging Materials:

Commonly used packaging films are: BOPP film. This packaging film is co-extruded and stretched from a variety of polypropylene functional materials. It is generally prepared by biaxial stretching by three-layer (A/B/C) co-extrusion technology. This packaging film has high transparency and gloss, non-toxic material, stable molecular structure, and good barrier function to odor and moisture, so it is an ideal material for packaging cartons.

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