Medicine Box Packaging Machine for Pharmaceutical Products

instant sealing, PLC control, faster



This medicine box packaging machine is widely used in food, medicine, cosmetics and other industries to better protect products. At the same time, the advanced PLC and double servo control system are applied to the pharmaceutical products packaging machine to ensure the stable operation of the machine. For the medicine box, the anti-counterfeiting easy-open tear tape is indispensable, which is controlled by its specific servo motor.


According to actual needs, different types of packaging machines can also be combined to form a medicine packaging line. The front end can be equipped with a cartoning machine, and the boxed pharmaceutical products are transported to the 300A machine for single box wrapping. After the single box is wrapped, it is transported to the 400 model by the conveying and repacking mechanism for group wrapping. The back end of the group packaging is equipped with a six-side ironing mechanism. By increasing the optional six-side scalding mechanism, the six sides of the medicine box can achieve a better packaging effect.

pharmaceutical products packing machine

Medicine Box Packaging Machine Features:

  • Sealed packaging: waterproof, moisture-proof and pollution-proof.
  • Instant sealing, no products left in the heat-sealing station, similar to cold packaging, no effect on heat-sensitive pharmaceutical products.
  • Automatic reset function: The pharmaceutical products packaging machine is more humane, intelligent, and easy to operate and maintain.
  • The PLC-centric electrical control system ensures stable and reliable operation of the equipment and more stable performance.
  • The packaging speed can be steplessly adjusted: the equipment is more convenient to use.
  • The double servo control system ensures stable operation of the equipment and less static electricity.
  • Easy to operate, clean and maintain; high efficiency.

Why Choose Our Medicine Box Packaging Machine:

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