Camphor Tablets Fold Overwrapping Machine



This fold overwrapping machine is a lengthened model for the requirement of the packaging of bulk articles required by users. This machine features by rational structure, good-looking in excellent taste, stable run, convenient in adjustment, can be used for camphor tablets, soaps, etc.

Camphor tablet wrapping machine is a high speed machine for  pharmaceutical and other industrial. It is based in robust flow wrapping technology, joined with a different servo controlled feeding system combinations. It adopts advanced international technology which make sure constant temperature, easy to operate, high performance cost ratio and high efficiency.


Camphor Tablets Wrapping Machine Main Features:

  1. Compact and reasonable structure, stable and advanced performance, simple and convenient operation and maintenance.
  2. Multifunctional digital display inverter, stepless variable speed.
  3. With automatic feeding, automatic counting and other functions.
  4. The transmission part is equipped with various protective devices and fault tips.
  5. No waste of packing material for film delivery clutch of test machine.


This fold overwrapping machine is widely used in cosmetics, medicines, food, daily necessities, and other outside the box of transparent film 3D packaging.


Payment and Shipping:

  1. T/T, Alibaba security payment are all available.
  2. Before packaged, the machines will be tested strictly to guarantee the stability and high accuracy.
  3. After tested, the machines will be wrapped with plastic film and carefully packed in wooden box.
  4. Our machines are usually shipped by sea, if there are other requirements, please inform in advance.


Replated Equipment:

This Wrapping Machine can be linked with the carton production.


Technical Parameters:

Model CKBTB-300B
Packaging material film and gold tear tape
Packing speed 40~80 boxes/min
Max.package size (L)240*(W)120*(H)60mm
Power 220V 50Hz  5kw
Machine weight 600kg
Machine dimensions (L)3000*(W)800*(H)1500mm


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