Auto Cello Wrapping Machine for Condom Box



This condom box wrapping machine uses PVC and BOPP film as packaging materials and is general equipment for three-dimensional packaging of square cardboard boxes and products of different specifications. The cello wrapping machine adopts step-less frequency conversion speed regulation and automatic control electrical auxiliary equipment, which integrates machines, electricity, gas, and instrument. It has the characteristics of compact structure, beautiful appearance, convenient operation and maintenance, small size, lightweight, high degree of automation, and wide application range.

cello wrapping machine application

Condom Box Wrapping Machine Characteristics:

  • Good sealing and moisture-proof effect: After the long interface flanging heat sealing, the two side flanging heat sealing and shaping, the sealing performance is good, and the purpose of moisture-proof can be achieved.
  • Easy to unpack: It is easy to unseal, just pull the unsealing pull cord and turn it around for a circle.
  • Anti-counterfeiting: Manufacturers can print graphics or trademarks and other signs on the tear tape to identify authenticity.
  • Improve quality: The wrapped condom box can improve the quality, increase the added value of the product, the product grade, and the quality of the decoration, which is loved by consumers and has a promotional effect.

condom box wrapping machine data

cello wrapping machine factorycello wrapping machine details  auto cellophane wrapping machine

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