Manual Cellophane Wrapping Machine Adjustable



The manual cellophane wrapping machine is a kind of packaging machine that overwrap the product with BOPP film. It is wildly used in cosmetics, medicine, cigarette, etc.

manual cellophane wrapping machine applicationEffect:

  • Two prevention: anti-counterfeit, moisture-proof.
  • Three improvements: Increase the added value of products, improve the grade of the product, improve product decoration quality.

Manual Cellophane Wrapping Machine Features:

  • The machine adopts a pneumatic working principle (customers need to provide their own gas source), applicable materials are cellophane, PVC, and BOPP films. It is general equipment for three-dimensional packaging of square boxes of different specifications.
  • It is controlled by the PLC interface, and the film drop system is controlled by a servo motor.
  • The size of the film can be adjusted freely.
  • It has a stable and reliable operation function and a strong seal.
  • The appearance is very beautiful, the design is simple, and the operation is simple.
  • The packaging size is easy to adjust, and the heat sealing temperature is adjustable.
  • Although the packaging speed of this model is slow, it is cheaper than an automatic cellophane wrapping machine and is suitable for small businesses.

manual cellophane wrapping machine details

manual cellophane wrapping machine data manual cellophane wrapping machine factory

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