Mascara Box Wrapping Machine/Makeup Wrapping Machine



Makeup is very popular, especially for girls, so its demand is very large. To attract more customers, cosmetic companies of various brands have adopted a variety of packaging methods, but cellophane wrapping is usually a step that every company will adopt.


Why Do You Use Cellophane Wrapping?

  1. Fully display the appearance of the product without affecting the product display.
  2. Anti-moisture, anti-pollution, anti-counterfeiting.
  3. Improve the quality of product decoration and improve product quality.
  4. Add tear tape, it is easier to disassemble the package.

makeup wrapping machine application

Mascara Box Wrapping Machine Features:

  • The control panel is simple and easy to understand, adopts high-quality electrical and vital parts, and is durable.
  • The touch screen operation is intuitive and easy for man-machine communication and equipment operation diagnosis.
  • The inlet can be adjusted to meet various specifications of products, and it is convenient to adjust.
  • The mascara box wrapping machine is equipped with a unique suction and blowing mechanism to make the lower film more smooth and stable and eliminate static electricity.
  • The makeup wrapping machine adopts inlaid high-speed steel cutters, which are durable, the cutting line is simple, the cut is flat, sharp, and durable. It can be up to 1-2 years without repairing, integrating, and sharpening the cut knives.
  • The whole product has a long side, left and right sides, top and bottomĀ side, the five sides heat sealing, and the temperature of each side can be adjusted independently to ensure the overall shaping effect.
  • The makeup wrapping machine adopts aluminum plate heating, fast heating, good heat conduction, and the hard-anodized surface of each aluminum plate is more wear-resistant and has a longer life

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mascara box wrapping machine manufacturer

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