During transportation, the outer packaging may be damaged due to collision and friction between cigarette packs. In order not to affect sales, it needs to be resealed. But how to reseal cigarette pack?


Whether it is the first packing or the second packing, we recommend you to use a cigarette cellophane wrapping machine. Because the machine is specially designed according to the packaging requirements and packaging characteristics of cigarettes.

cigarette pack

Why do we recommend this machine?

The machine is widely used in various industries such as food and medicine. The use of the machine not only has a good protection effect on the cigarette pack but also prevents it from being polluted by the external environment, which greatly improves the appreciation of the product. A good packaging effect not only improves the value of the products but also significantly improves the brand value of the enterprise. Good packaging also provides consumers with more choices and purchasing opportunities and creates more profits for enterprises.


Using this machine to wrap cigarette pack can reduce packaging consumables, rationally use resources and save costs. And it has good moisture resistance and waterproof function. Compared with other packaging methods, this packaging method greatly guarantees the packaging effect. And the machine adopts cold sealing technology, which is more secure.


Applicable industries:

It is widely used in the 3D packaging of transparent films for boxes, such as cosmetics, medicine, food, health products, audio-visual products, stationery, daily necessities. It is an ideal three-dimensional wrapping equipment, using BOPP film or PVC as packaging material to form three-dimensional hexahedral folds.



  • The equipment is humanized and intelligent. Easier to use, operate, maintain.
  • Automatic feeding, stacking, packing, heat sealing, shaping, counting.
  • Instant sealing, material-free heat sealing station: Similar to cold packaging, it has no effect on medicines and heat-sensitive products.
  • The electrical control system is centered on the programmable logic controller (PLC), ensure stable and reliable operation and stable performance.