How do you wrap a cigarette box? There are different methods. For cigarette companies, in order to meet a large number of production needs, they usually use automated cigarette pack wrapping machine to complete this work.


The machine is usually divided into two types, one is used for packaging of a single box, and the other is suitable for packaging of multiple boxes(such as 5, 10, etc.).

how do you wrap a cigarette box

The machine has the functions of automatic feeding, wrapping, folding, side sealing, end sealing, up and down shaping, counting, and automatic stacking of anti-counterfeiting easy pull lines. Tear tape can be printed with corporate logos or names in various colors and can be equipped with anti-counterfeiting lasers and phosphorescence. It is one of the anti-counterfeiting methods and is very suitable for cigarette packaging. This machine is equipped with a U-shaped cutter, and the finished product has an easy-pull opening, which is easy to unpack. Environmental protection and energy-saving, the cost of packaging materials is low, and the packaging effect is smooth and beautiful. The fully sealed package is dust-proof, moisture-proof, anti-counterfeit, and anti-pollution. It is a device that replaces the traditional heat shrinking machine. This equipment can be used as a stand-alone machine, or it can be used online with the front-end cartoning machine.


The machine adopts the operating principle of mechanical transmission as the main and pneumatic as the auxiliary. It is equipped with a gear chain and a stepless frequency conversion film feeding system. Stable operation, fast packaging speed and simple operation. The chain-gear mechanical flat push box structure can effectively avoid the card box and other failures. The whole machine has a compact structure and a small footprint, which is not restricted by the site. Wide application range and strong adaptability.