What is an overwrap machine? Cellophane overwrap machine, also known as transparent film wrapping machine. The machine was first introduced from abroad, and the current overwrap machine has been formed through continuous improvement. At present, there are manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic models, and there are single box overwrap and set box overwrap. This machine uses BOPP film as the packaging material to form a three-dimensional hexahedron folding package. It is widely used in skin packaging of cosmetics, medicines, food, health care products, audio and video products and other products.


Working principle and application:

The servo motor is used to control the film feeding, and the cylinder automatically completes the packaging actions such as pushing the bag, cutting the film, blowing, folding the corner, folding up, folding down, shaping and heat sealing. It is mainly used for the outer packaging of various boxed items. The folded part of the package is bonded by heat sealing, which can play a good role in sealing. The wrapped box is beautiful, moisture-proof and dry-proof. By using the overwrap machine, the production cost is reduced and the economic benefit of the enterprise is improved.

Cellophane wrapped box


  • This machine is mainly aimed at the packaging of box-type items.
  • Equipped with a film upright blowing structure, making the long sealing interface more stable.
  • The machine takes mechanical linkage as the main body, adopts stepless frequency conversion speed regulation and automatic control electrical auxiliary equipment.
  • It integrates machine, electricity and gas, and has the characteristics of stable and reliable operation, firm sealing, smooth and beautiful appearance.
  • It can automatically overwrap, heat seal, count items, and automatically paste anti-counterfeiting easy-pull threads.
  • The packaging speed can be adjusted steplessly, and the film can not be left without the box.
  • In the case of replacing a small number of parts, boxed items of different specifications can be packaged.


Sometimes people confuse cellophane overwrap with shrink wrap, their essence is different. Shrink wrap is to heat up all to achieve the purpose of shrinkage sealing; cellophane overwrap is partially instant sealed.