How much do wrap machines cost? For different models of wrap machines, the prices are different. For example, the price of the 300 model is about 16000USD, and the price of the 400 model is about 22000USD. Of course, there are other models with different prices.

wrapping machine cost

So how to determine the cost of the machine?

To determine the wrap machine cost, it is necessary to determine which model is suitable for your product first. We usually confirm from the following aspects.

  1. Product or box size
  2. How many boxes do you want to wrap in one group?
  3. Requirements for packaging speed

Through the above questions, we can confirm which model is suitable for you, and then send you the machine cost.


Of course, the wrap machine cost will fluctuate from time to time. So what factors will affect the machine cost?

  1. Raw materials. Fluctuations in raw material prices affect the cost of machines. If the price of raw materials increases, the wrapping machine cost will also increase; otherwise, the cost of the machine will decrease.
  2. Configuration of electrical components. Our machines are all domestic or international well-known brands. If the customer specifies the brand, the cost of the machine will change. Depends on the price of the components.
  3. although shipping is not included in the cost of the machine, it affects the total cost of the machine to the customer. If the sea freight increases, the purchase cost will increase; otherwise, it will decrease.


There are many factors that affect the cost of the machine, we recommend customers to contact us for the latest price. And on the anniversary, we will give customers some coupons, so that customers can save some money.