Cellophane overwrapping is a very popular packaging method at present, and many cosmetic companies like to use this packaging method. A customer in Malaysia ordered automatic cellophane wrapping machine for his factory to replace the previous shrink wrap.


The Malaysian customer ordered the high-speed model, which is an upgrade to the standard model, the packaging speed is faster and more suitable for mass production packaging.

overwrapping machine Malaysia

This model adopts a fully enclosed plexiglass cover, which is beautiful, hygienic and dust-proof. It is especially suitable for enterprises that have requirements on hygienic environment. Equipped with Japanese Omron control system and PLC touch screen operation interface. The track does not leave a box, which makes the whole machine more luxurious and elegant, and the operation is more stable and reliable.


The machine is an integrated product of machine, electricity and gas. After the control system of the machine is started, the packaging actions such as pushing box, lowering film, cutting film, air blowing, corner folding, upper folding, lower folding, box hooking, material discharging, shaping and heat sealing are automatically completed in sequence. The outer packaging of the item. The folded part of the package is bonded by heat sealing, which can play a good role in sealing, decoration, beauty and moisture resistance. In addition, there is an easy-to-pull thread that is bonded to the film and packaged for easy unpacking.


The auxiliary action of the overwrapping machine is controlled by the cylinder except the small stroke, and the other main actions are all controlled by servo motors. The whole machine adopts 7 servo motors. According to the size of the packaging box, the overwrapping machine only needs to replace the mold, and adjust the length and width of the packaging film and the speed of the servo motor through the man-machine interface of the control system to carry out packaging.


The high-speed model ordered by the Malaysian customer is suitable for enterprises with large production volume. If your production volume is small and there is no plan to upgrade in the near future, we recommend that you purchase the standard model.