Cellophane wrap is a very popular packaging method at present, and many boxed products use this method. A customer from Mexico purchased a Model 400 cellophane wrap machine for their cosmetics.

cellophane wrap machine mexico

Why use cellophane wrap cosmetics?

  1. Good sealing against moisture/dust
  2. Easy to open the package, as long as the teartape is opened, the whole package can be easily opened.
  3. Anti-counterfeiting, the company name or trademark can be printed on the tear-off line to identify authenticity.
  4. It can improve product quality, increase added value, and play a decorative role.


Working Principle:

The work of the machine is completed by a series of cams inside the machine to drive various connecting rods and components. The machine adopts multi-function digital display frequency conversion stepless speed regulation. PLC programming control technology, automatic box feeding, automatic counting, touch display to realize man-machine interface.



  • The machine is suitable for cellophane and BOPP film, and is a general equipment for three-dimensional packaging of cardboard boxes and products of different specifications. The transparent film and an easy-to-tear line printed with graphic or holographic laser logo can be easily unpacked and anti-counterfeiting after being pasted with self-adhesive.
  • Adopt multi-function digital frequency conversion stepless speed regulation, PLC programmable control design technology, realize heat sealing, forming, automatic temperature control and automatic feeding.
  • The touch screen is used to realize the man-machine interface, which can complete functions such as programming settings, control operations, tracking display, and emergency shutdown of faults.
  • It has the characteristics of compact structure, beautiful appearance, small size and good energy saving.


Now that the machine has been shipped to Mexico by sea, the customer will start production after installation and commissioning.