Cellophane wrap is a very popular packaging method at present, and many products are packaged with this packaging material. For example, cigarette boxes, tea boxes, medicine boxes, etc. But why use this packaging material?

benefit of cellophane wrap

What is cellophane?

Cellophane is a regenerated cellulose film with high transparency and gloss. There is moderate stiffness. Has good tensile strength, gloss and printability. The production method is different from papermaking and similar to the rayon process. Using refined chemical wood pulp or cotton linter dissolving pulp with high α-cellulose content as raw material, alkali cellulose is obtained by alkalization (18% sodium hydroxide), pressing, crushing and other processes. After aging, add carbon disulfide to make it yellow into cellulose xanthate, and dissolve it with sodium hydroxide solution to make orange-yellow cellulose viscose. The viscose is aged at a temperature of 20-30°C, and filtered to remove impurities and bubbles, and then extruded from a long and narrow gap in a film drawing machine, and then flows into a coagulation bath of a mixed solution of sulfuric acid and sodium sulfate. , forming a thin film. After washing, desulfurization, bleaching, desalination and plasticization (glycerol and ethylene glycol, etc.), etc., it is finally made by drying.


Benefit of cellophane wrap:

  1. Its transparency allows people to clearly see the interior products, and it has the properties of moisture-proof, water-proof, micro-breathable, heat-sealable, etc., so it has a good protective effect on the goods.
  2. Compared with ordinary plastic film, it has the advantages of no static electricity, dustproof and good kink.
  3. After using it to package items, it can prevent rust, moisture and pollution.


Application fields of cellophane:

The application of cellophane film is very extensive. It can be used for the packaging of all boxed products. The commonly used industries are: Cosmetics, cigarettes, perfumes, tea, etc.


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