A customer from Russia ordered an automatic cellophane wrapping machine to pack chocolate boxes. Because the Russia customer wanted to pack two sizes, we configured a template additionally. It is convenient for customers to realize the packaging of boxes of different sizes by changing the mold.


Cellophane wrapping is a packaging method that many boxed products currently use. But what is cellophane wrapping. Cellophane wrapping refers to tightly wrapping the box with cellophane film, followed by side and end sealing.


Benefits of cellophane wrapping:

  1. Anti-counterfeiting, moisture-proof and dust-proof.
  2. Improve product grade, increase product added value, and improve product appearance and decoration quality.


The use of cellophane wrapping:

The application of cellophane wrapping is very extensive. It can be used for packaging of various product boxes such as cosmetics, perfumes, cigarettes, and tea. For some regular products, such as soap, this packaging method can also be used.

cellophane wrapping machine russia

This machine is very popular all over the world, our machines have been sold to many countries such as America, Mexico, Spain, Argentina, Australia, Russia, etc. Every customer is a very important partner. And because of the signing of RCEP, the number of orders we received has gradually increased. If you are also interested in this machine, you can contact us.