A customer from Iran ask us for the cellophane wrap machine to wrap their cigarette pack. Their packaging process is a two-steps. A single cigarette pack is first packaged, and then 5 cigarette packs are packaged together. According to the packaging requirements of customers, we provide customers with corresponding packaging solutions. Combine the 300A and 400 models to automate the entire packaging process.


The two models work basically the same, but the 300A is for small box packs and the 400 is for larger box packs. And 400 can automatically organize a fixed number of boxes into a group, reducing manual work.

cellophane wrap machine iran

Cellophane wrap machines are recognized by Iran customers for their unique performance.

  1. Frequency conversion speed regulation, the speed of the machine can be adjusted according to the work requirements.
  2. The heat sealing speed is adjustable.The temperature control of the heating tube is controlled by a high-quality temperature controller, and the heating temperature can be set by itself with the change of the external environment.
  3. Stable and reliable operation.The machine is designed with three cams, one of which is required to complete the long sealing, side sealing and shaping of the box at the same time.
  4. High security.The machine adopts a one-way handwheel to prevent reverse shaking of the machine during manual adjustment, and the handwheel will not rotate during operation, which better protects the safety of the operator.


The Iran customer has paid the deposit and arranged the delivery of the sample box. We will also arrange the production of this order as soon as possible. After receiving the samples, we will test the machine and send the test video and test report to the Iran customer.


If you also interest in this machine or want to test if the machine fits your box, you can send us a sample of the box and we will show you the effect of the test machine.