There are many box wrapping machine companies on market, as one of the companies that produce wrapping machines, we design and produce different types of packaging machines that can meet the packaging requirements of different customers.


The box wrapping machines we produce are widely used in food, cosmetic, pharmaceutical and other industries, and exported to more than 100 countries such as the United States, Canada, Mexico, Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, etc.


The box wrapping machines we produce have the following features:

  • Compact and reasonable structure, stable and advanced performance, easy operation and maintenance.
  • The machine adopts multi-function digital display frequency conversion, and the packaging speed can be infinitely variable.
  • Mould replacement is convenient, flexible and automatic counting.
  • The transmission part is equipped with various protection devices and fault prompts.
  • It can be equipped with photoelectric tracking, and the coding machine can design new models according to user needs.

box wrapping machine companies

Why choose us?

Our company has strong independent research and development, design and manufacturing capabilities, which can meet the customized needs of customers. The machines we produce have passed the European safety CE certification.


Our service:

  1. Our sales team communicates with customers professionally and answers questions about different aspects of the machine. We have our own technical research and development team to develop new products.
  2. We provide detailed and professional video of machine installation and mold replacement.
  3. Besides English, we can also input different languages on the touch screen, such as French, Spanish, Arabic, Russian, Polish, etc.
  4. We can help customers to purchase related packaging materials to use with our machines, especially for products with strict requirements on materials and environmental protection, we have rich experience in this area.