The box wrapping machine price is related to the model of the machine, and the choice of the machine model is related to the size of the box. The price of the machines produced by our company is about 8000USD-20000USD. Of course, the prices of machines produced by different manufacturers are also different.

box wrapping machine price

But what factors will affect the box wrapping machine price?

  1. Commodity prices are determined by market supply and demand, and the same is true for the large price of wrappingIf the market demand for equipment is high, but the supply of enterprises is low, then the price of the machine will rise. On the contrary, it will decline, which is a market problem.
  2. The various costs, expenses and other expenses of the production enterprise will formulate a profit ratio, and the ratios formulated by different companies are different.If the price of a machine is very low, the first thing to consider is whether the company cuts corners during production to reduce costs so as to gain a price advantage in the market.
  3. Various policies issued by the state may cause fluctuations in the market price of wrapping
  4. Now the wrappingmachines produced by many factories are basically the same in appearance, with few differences. However, there are differences in the accessories, motors, PLC control modules, materials, and production processes. Taking the motor as an example, some factories use servo motors, and some use single-chip motors, and the price will vary a lot.
  5. Whether there is a perfect after-sales service specification.Now many companies selling wrapping machines in the market are sales agents with limited technical strength. However, as a kind of high-tech equipment, the machine will inevitably fail during use. This is the time to truly demonstrate the technical strength of suppliers. Some companies have low prices, but after-sale services are not necessarily guaranteed.


To sum up, there are many considerations when purchasing a machine. The price, service, and technology can best meet your needs.