Our overwrapping machine price is about 7000USD-20000USD. The higher the degree of automation, the higher the price. In order to send you an accurate price, we will usually confirm with you the following questions:

  1. picture of box
  2. box size
  3. packaging speed requirements

overwrapping machine price

Through the above questions, we can basically confirm which model is suitable for you and tell you the price.


There are other factors that also affect the price of a machine. The factors that affect the price of packaging machines are the professional technical team and after-sales service. With a professional technical team, the machine performance of production and design is more stable, so that the maintenance cost in the later period will be relatively low.


The other is after-sales service. Now more and more companies pay attention to after-sales service. Manufacturers with poor after-sales service will be very troublesome when they encounter problems later. Good after-sales service can effectively ensure the long-term and stable operation of the machine and create more profits for the company.


In fact, not only in the machinery industry, but in all fields, service and technology are of particular importance. This is a key factor. Technology determines the quality of the product and the experience of use. If the production technology is good, then the quality is naturally reliable. The after-sales service team is a key factor in ensuring that the machine can be used efficiently.


Of course, reliable quality and good after-sales service will increase the price of the machine.