Cellophane film is a very important flexible packaging material, colorless, odorless, tasteless and non-toxic, and has high impact strength, rigidity, toughness and good transparency. Cellophane has low surface energy and needs to be corona treated before gluing or printing. After corona treatment, the film has good printability.


What is cellophane wrap good for?

Cellophane film is an excellent choice for packaging food, cosmetics, gifts and other products. Clear cellophane allows merchants to display their products at their best and allow customers to see products before purchasing.

what is cellophane wrap good for

Types of cellophane:

Cellophane also comes in different colors, from opaque to translucent styles. Stained cellophane is often used in flower packaging to provide decoration for bouquets. Cigarettes, cosmetics, etc. often use transparent cellophane.


Advantages of cellophane film:

  • Low cost – Cellophane costs less when compared to other eco-friendly plastic alternatives.
  • Moisture Resistant – Resists moisture and water vapor, making it an excellent choice for displaying and storing food.
  • Oil Resistant – They are naturally resistant to oils and fats, making them ideal for baked goods and other oil-containing products.
  • Heat Sealable – Cellophane is heat sealable. With the right tools, you can heat seal quickly and easily. (For regular boxed products, cellophane wrapping machines are usually used)


Is cellophane film right for your product?

If you currently use plastic film for food, cosmetics, tea, etc., cellophane film will be a better choice. It can help improve the grade of your product and attract more customers.