How much does a wrap machine cost? In fact, it depends on the models. For example, the cost of the 300A model is about 13,000 USD. and the cost of the 400 model is approximately 20,000 USD. The cost of different models of machines is different. In addition, there are many other factors that affect the cost of the machine.

Wrapping machine cost

Internal factors:

  1. Different customers have different packaging needs and packaging speed requirements. For some requirements, additional functions need to be added. In this case, the cost of the machine will increase.
  2. If a customer needs to wrap boxes of different sizes, he needs to purchase additional molds, and the cost of the machine will increase.
  3. We will send the brand corresponding to each machine component to the customer, but if the customer specifies the brand, the cost may increase/decrease.


External factors:

  1. The cost of machines produced in different factories is different. However, if it is the same model and the same raw materials are used, the cost of the machine will not differ too much.
  2. The cost fluctuation of raw materials will also affect the production cost of the machine.
  3. Technical reasons. The design concept of each factory is different, the function is not exactly the same, the investment is also different, the cost will be different.


If you want to know the cost of each model, you can leave us a message, and we will send the cost to your mailbox.