Box wrapping machine is widely used in various industries. An Australian customer bought the machine to pack scented candle boxes. He first put the candles in the boxes and then wrapped them with cellophane. So as to better retain the aroma of the candle.

box wrapping machine australia

Because of his large box size, we recommended him the 400 model, which is mainly designed for large boxes and multiple box packaging. The packaging effect of this model is more beautiful, the technical design is practical and simple, and the operator is easy to learn and understand. Cellophane film + anti-counterfeiting tear tape, widely used.


  • Exquisite design, stable operation, easy handling, easy operation, clear function, strong special technology.
  • Stable and efficient. The use of advanced design elements makes the whole machine run more reliable and quiet, and the packaging effect is easier to control.
  • Precision. The parts are processed by numerical control (computer), using high-quality materials and configurations, which are durable and precise.
  • Worry-free service. 24-hour customer service is online to help you solve problems.


The main packaging material of this machine is cellophane, why use cellophane?

  1. High shrinkage rate
  2. High gloss, high transparency, and good product decoration performance.
  3. Good flexibility, not brittle at low temperature, and not easy to age.
  4. The product density is low, which can effectively reduce packaging costs.


The machine ordered by the Australian customer is now being shipped to Australia by sea and will arrive in about two weeks. Looking forward to customer feedback after use.