What is the price of cellophane machine? The price of different models is different. For example, our hot selling model 300A, its price is about 12000-13000 USD. The price of 400 is more expensive than 300A. Why does this happen?


  1. Wrapping range

The wrapping range of different models is different, some are designed for small boxes, some are designed for large boxes, and some are designed for multiple boxes. So the price will be different.

  1. Packing speed

In order to meet the packaging requirements of different customers, we have standard models and high-speed models. The price of the high-speed model is higher than that of the standard model.

  1. Customize

Some customers have special packaging requirements, which require our engineers to redesign according to customer requirements. The price of customized models is higher than that of standard models.


How to know which model is right for you and get the price?

Step 1: Send us your box picture and size. And tell us your requirements for packaging speed.

Step 2: We recommend suitable machines to you according to your requirements, and send pictures and videos.

Step 3: Send the price of the machine to your mailbox

Step 4: If you have any questions about the machine and the price, please feedback to us, and then we will discuss.


How to operate the machine?

We will send you a detailed machine operation manual, here we can give a brief explanation first.

  1. Check whether the various parts of the machine are loose due to the bumps and vibrations of long-distance transportation, and whether the electrical components have fallen off, and tighten them as needed.Then debug it.
  2. Install the film roll and easy-pull wire, and introduce them to the film cutting machine for later use.
  3. Install the handwheel and turn the handwheel clockwise (viewed from the front of the machine).at this time the camshaft of the machine rotates counterclockwise, and observe whether the transmission parts of the machine make abnormal noises. (Note: It is best to pull out the handwheel about 30mm before starting the machine normally)
  4. Connect the power supply and connect to the ground wire according to the sign. The ground wire is required to be introduced from the ground below 1.5 meters deep. At the same time, inject about 2/3 of the height of the oil tank into the oil tank of the tanker.
  5. Turn on the power switch and set the temperature.After the temperature setting is completed, let the heating tube start heating.
  6. After the temperature reaches the set temperature, put a small amount of packaging box in the hopper. Press the “Run” button on the control panel, and at the same time put the air pump in the “ON” position. Adjust the speed of the frequency converter to make the machine from slow to fast, start the test machine, observe the packing condition of the film on the packing box, if there is no problem, the machine can enter the normal production state.


If you want to get more machine information, you can leave us a message.