Is shrink wrap and cellophane the same? From different perspectives, the results are different.

shrink wrap vs cellophane wrap

In contrast, they are the same: protect the product, moisture-proof, waterproof, stain-proof, and tamper-proof.


From the comparison of packaging principles, they are not the same:

Shrink wrap: The shrink film is used to wrap the product or package outside, and the shrink film is heated to wrap the product or package tightly, which fully shows the appearance of the product, improves the product’s displayability, and increases the beauty and sense of value.

Cellophane wrap: By folding, the packaging film is attached to the outside of the product, and then heat-sealed. Also called hexahedral wrapping.


From the comparison of the packaging range, they are not the same:

Shrink wrap: It is suitable for many types of products, including regular and irregular, and has a wide range of applications.

Cellophane wrap: Only applicable to regular cube products, such as boxes.


From the comparison of packaging tools, they are not the same:

Shrink wrap: It needs a shrink wrap machine to complete, automatic film feeding and punching, automatic film sealing and cutting, only need to manually adjust the film guide system and manually adjust the feeding and conveying platform, which is suitable for products of different widths and heights.

Cellophane wrap: Complete by the cellophane overwrapping machine. The packaging film is cut into a length that meets the requirements of the packaged product by a special cutter, and the small packaging box is transported to a predetermined position through a conveyor, and then film-wrapped and folded to form a designed packaging style. Using local instantaneous low-temperature heat sealing, so the entire packaging process will not produce any temperature changes to the product.