Cellophane wrap is one of the most commonly used packaging methods for perfumes. There are many packaging methods. How do you wrap perfume in cellophane?


The commonly used methods are as follows:

1.Manual wrap

Advantages: Economical, low machine cost, suitable for small batch perfume wrap.

Disadvantage: If manual wrap is used to achieve mass production, it will increase a lot of labor costs, and the packaging speed is slow. can not meet the needs of mass production. According to the proficiency of different workers, the packaging effect may be different.

2.Automatic wrap

Advantages: The packaging speed is fast and the packaging effect is uniform, which is very suitable for mass production. It can be connected to the front-end production line to complete fully automatic production. Save labor costs, only one operator is needed for a machine to meet the needs of the company’s long-term development.

Disadvantage: It is best to pack one size on one model. If you want to pack a different size, you need to replace the mold.


Comparing these two packaging methods, many of our customers will choose the automatic wrapping method, and we usually recommend an automatic perfume wrapping machine to our customers. Why?

  1. The speed is adjustable. The packaging speed can be adjusted according to the production plan.
  2. Longer service life. Under regular maintenance, the machine can serve you more than 10 years, which meets the needs of the company’s long-term development.
  3. Better sealing effect.


Why choose cellophane wrap perfume?

  1. Improve quality: After packaging, the quality of the product can be improved, the added value of the product, the product grade and the decoration effect can be improved, and consumers love it, and it has a good promotional effect.
  2. Anti-counterfeiting: Logos such as graphics or trademarks can be printed on the easy-to-tear line to identify authenticity.
  3. Good moisture-proof effect: guarantee of product quality.