Wrap machine is a very important tool in many industries, such as perfume, cosmetic, food, etc. But how do you use a wrap machine?


With the development of technology, the design of the machine is becoming more and more intelligent, and the operation method is becoming more and more simple. The wrap machine produced by our company adopts PLC operation, the operation method is simple, only one operator is needed.


There are mainly the following steps of the wrapping process: start-up-feeding-wrapping-sealing-shaping


The whole process is very simple, and it is done automatically by the machine, however, pay attention to the following issues before using the machine to prevent the machine from malfunctioning due to improper operation.


  1. Before starting the machine, check whether there is any foreign matter in each moving part, turn 1-2 laps with the handwheel, when an abnormal situation is found, troubleshoot in time. Press the host start button, the green indicator light is on, long-press the jog button to check the spindle rotation direction(the handwheel should rotate clockwise), if the rotation is normal, you can start to run the machine.
  2. First, turn on the power switch on the control panel, turn on the switches for the long side seal temperature control, the left side temperature control, the right side temperature control, the upper plane temperature control, and the lower plane temperature control in turn. After the touch screen displays the entry screen, click to enter the display working status menu, and click the host to transport the film in turn, and the three items will be displayed in red. Then click Auto/Manual to turn it on automatically, and the host is in standby mode at this time. When the beating number of the temperature controller reaches the set temperature, turn on the switch on the conveying mechanism, and then the product can be put on the conveying belt to start the wrapping process.
  3. If film blockage occurs during the packaging process, turn off the host switch in time and release the two indexable handles on the left and right knife holders. Raise the knife holder to clean the congested packaging film. After cleaning, refer to the scale to lower the knife holder to its original position.
  4. When the machine is shut down to replace a new film roll, you must turn the star-shaped handle clockwise to tighten the film roll, and then pass the packaging film through the film roll in sequence until it passes through the cutter. Then adjust the host to the jog mode, and jog the film several times to make the packaging film in the correct direction.


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