How much cellophane wrapping machine cost? It is difficult to answer. Because different models have different prices, the prices of customized models and standard models are also different. We can only tell you the cost range: 8000USD-30000USD

Why are the cost of the same series of cellophane wrapping machines so different?

  1. Degree of automation: This series of machines has two types, automatic and semi-automatic, but the cost of automatic is higher than that of semi-automatic. Compared with the two, the automatic efficiency is higher and the application range is wider; unmanned operation, labor saving, and fast packaging speed.
  2. Professional technical team and after-sales service: Now more and more companies pay attention to after-sales service. Good after-sales service can make customers buy with more confidence. Therefore, technology determines the quality of the product and the experience of use, if the production technology is good, then the quality is good, and of course the cost will be higher. The after-sales service team is to ensure that the use of the machine can effectively solve the key points.
  3. Investment time, labor costs and innovation factors: in order to promote the development of innovative industries, not only to design new products, but more importantly, technological innovation, this is also an important factor in determining the price. The more innovative the technology, the higher the price.

When buying a cellophane wrapping machine, although price is a factor we consider, but quality also needs to be paid attention to. A good quality machine may cost a relatively high cost in the early stage, but it will avoid a lot of trouble in the later stage. When buying a machine, you should pursue cost-effectiveness.

But it should be noted that not all companies are suitable for purchasing fully automatic machines. For small-scale or just start-up companies, we recommend using semi-automatic, large companies or companies that require high packaging speed choose fully automatic.