How do you rewrap a pack of cigarettes? We always use the professional cigarette cellophane wrapping machine, which makes the whole packaging process simpler and more convenient.


The machine can also be used for wrapping in medicine, food, health care products, cosmetics, audio-visual products and other industries. Such as medicine boxes, chewing gum, tea, sugar, VCD (CD) CD, playing cards, transparent soap, etc., It is used for anti-counterfeiting and moisture-proof, which can improve product quality and added value.


Working principle:

Use BOPP film or PVC as packaging material to form a three-dimensional hexahedral folded package of cigarettes. The BOPP film is cut into a length that meets the packaging requirements by a cutter, and the cigarette pack is transported by a conveyor. The cylinder pushes the stack (according to the required form and quantity), wraps the film and folds the package to form a medium-sized package.


Main features:

  • The structure is compact and reasonable, the performance is stable and advanced, the operation is convenient, and the maintenance is convenient.
  • Adopt multifunctional digital frequency converter, stepless speed change.
  • Die replacement is convenient and flexible.
  • It has functions such as automatic feeding and counting.
  • The transmission part is equipped with various protection devices and fault alarms.


Operation precautions:

Before starting, you must first turn the handwheel empty for 1-2 laps. Brake timely detection of abnormalities (this operation should be performed before each adjustment of the equipment). Add enough lubricating oil to each oil hole. Install the cellophane and put the cigarette pack on the conveyor belt.

Turn on the power switch on the control panel, adjust to manual state, and press jog to check the rotation of the main motor.


We believe that this machine will help you rewrap cigarette pack more easily and quickly. If you need it, you can leave us a message.