Cellophane wrap for cigarettes is a very popular packaging method. Common types of packaging include single box wrapping, 5 boxes wrapping, 10 boxes wrapping, etc. For different packaging methods, different types of cellophane wrapping machines are required to complete, the commonly used models are 300A and 400.

cellophane wrap for cigarettes

How to cellophane wrap for cigarettes?

The stocker feeds the cigaretteboxes, and wraps the cigarette boxes by a series of mechanisms such as film discharging, film cutting, folding, packaging, heat sealing, shaping, and discharging. After the two sides are folded, heat sealing is used to bond to achieve the effect of sealing and moisture-proof. Transparent film and an tear tape printed with graphics or holographic laser signs, after being pasted by a sticker, can facilitate the unpacking of the finished product. And play a role in anti-counterfeiting.


Packaging Materials:

  1. Transparent cellophane: heat-sealable, moisture-proof.
  2. BOPP film: thickness 22u~28u.
  3. Tear tape: width 1.2~3mm


Performance and structure characteristics:

  1. Adjustable packaging speed

This machine adopts a frequency conversion speed regulation device, which can change the packaging speed according to different work requirements.

  1. Adjustability of the packaging size range

When the size of the packaged product changes, the machine only needs to replace the mold and make appropriate adjustments.

  1. Adjustability of heat sealing temperature

This machine adopts microcomputer control for the sealing heating plate, which can set the heating temperature by itself according to the change of the external environment and can keep it within the set temperature range.

  1. Simplicity of operation

The equipment is controlled by PLC, easy to operate, only one person can operate the machine. Help companies save labor costs.


After the cigarette boxes is wrapped, it can better prevent moisture and pollution, thereby reducing the loss during transportation.