How long does cellophane take to biodegrade?

Cellophane is a transparent packaging material that has been around since the early 1900s. It is a good alternative to plastic wrap film. Tests have shown that cellophane packaging biodegrades in 28-60 days if the product is uncoated and 80-120 days if it is coated. It also degrades in water within 10 days without a coating, and about a month with a coating.


How is cellophane made?

Using refined chemical wood pulp or cotton linter dissolving pulp with high α-cellulose content as raw materials, alkali cellulose is obtained through alkalization (18% sodium hydroxide), pressing, crushing and other processes, and then added carbon disulfide after aging to make it It is yellowed into cellulose xanthate and dissolved in sodium hydroxide solution to make orange cellulose viscose. The viscose is matured at a temperature of 20-30°C, filtered to remove impurities and air bubbles, and then extruded through a narrow gap in the film stretching machine, and flows into the coagulation bath of the mixture of sulfuric acid and sodium sulfate , to form a film (regenerated cellulose film), and then washed, desulfurized, bleached, desalted and plasticized (glycerin and ethylene glycol, etc.), and finally dried.


Benefits of cellophane:

  • Low Cost – Cellophane is a by-product of the paper industry. Cellophane costs less than other environmentally friendly plastic alternatives.
  • Moisture Resistant – It resists moisture and water vapor, making it a great choice for displaying and storing food.
  • Oil Resistant—It’s naturally oil-resistant, so cellophane is great for baked goods, nuts, and other greasy foods.
  • Heat sealable – Cellophane is heat sealable. With the right tools, you can heat seal and protect your product quickly and easily.


This is why more and more products are now packaged in cellophane. If you are currently troubled by packaging problems, then cellophane packaging will be a very good choice. It can not only clearly show the appearance of the product to consumers, but also protect the product from moisture and dirt.


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