According to the degree of automation of the machine, there are three types of cellophane wrapping machines, automatic, semi-automatic, and manual. The difference between these three types is mainly the difference in speed.



This type of machine has a high degree of automation and high speed, and is suitable for large factories. High output can help enterprises improve packaging efficiency and reduce labor costs.

The machine supplies the boxes from the stocker, and completes the product wrapping through a series of mechanisms such as film discharge, film cutting, folding, sealing, heat sealing, shaping, and discharging. After the two sides are folded, they are bonded by heat sealing to achieve the packaging effect of sealing, moisture-proof and decoration. The transparent film and an unpacking pull line printed with graphics or holographic laser marks, after being pasted with self-adhesive, can facilitate the unpacking and anti-counterfeiting of the finished product.


Semi automatic:

This cellophane wrapping machine type is more suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises, which need to manually complete the packaging process. The actual output depends on the proficiency of workers.

The working process of this machine is basically similar to that of the automatic type, but the whole process needs human assistance to complete, but it has a wider range of packaging. The packaging of different size boxes can be realized by adjustment.



This is a very small cellophane wrapper with a small output and more suitable for home use.  The machine is small in size and occupies a small area. This type can be considered if your packaging business is starting from family, but it is small in volume and labor intensive.

Due to the higher and higher requirements for automation of various enterprises, our company only produces semi-automatic and fully automatic types at present. If you have needs, contact us.