Wrapping machine is a very widely used equipment, often used in cosmetics, medicine, tea and other industries. Its function is to wrap the packaging film on the outside of the product box, so as to achieve the effect of moisture and dust resistance.


But how does a wrapping machine work?

During the packaging process, the packaging film is cut by a cutting knife into the length required for the product, and the box is conveyed to the predetermined position through the belt conveyor, and then the packaging film is folded and heat-sealed. Because there is no shrink tunnel inside the equipment like a heat shrink wrapping machine. It does not heat the packaged objects as a whole, but seals them at ultra-low temperature in some places in an instant. So after the entire packaging process is completed, it will not have any impact on the product. Ideal for packaging heat sensitive products.

how does a wrapping machine work

At the same time, in order to ensure that the machine can work for you for a long time, you need to pay attention to the following points when using it:

  1. The equipment will undergo a comprehensive maintenance every three months.
  2. After each use of the equipment, the surface should be cleaned and dust-proof cleaning done.
  3. When the equipment is in use, it should be placed stably to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.
  4. Personnel operating the machine should be familiar with the mechanism of operation of the equipment.
  5. The equipment should be inspected frequently and regularly to eliminate hidden dangers.
  6. When inspecting and maintaining the equipment, make sure to cut off the power supply, and wait until the equipment cools down before performing maintenance work.


If you have any questions about the working principle of the machine, you can contact us, and we will operate how the machine works for you on site.