Cellophane is a film made of natural fibers such as cotton pulp and wood pulp by adhesive method. It is transparent, non-toxic and tasteless, air, oil, bacteria and water are not easy to penetrate, high bursting strength, moisture-proof, anti-virus, anti-grease and oil stains, heat-proof, can be printed, can be used in food packaging machines, is the best choice for product promotion and protection excellent material. Cellophane molecular chains have a wonderful micro-breathability, which allows food to breathe like eggs through the micropores on the egg skin, which is very beneficial to food preservation and preservation activity, so cellophane is widely used.


BOPP wrapping machine:

The bopp wrapping machine runs smoothly with low noise; adopts PLC and human-machine interface to automatically control the operating system, stepless frequency conversion speed regulation, high degree of automation, easy to understand operation; stable and reliable performance; adopts mechanical overload automatic stop function to ensure human-machine safety . It has the functions of fault display, alarm and finished product counting, which is convenient for maintenance and troubleshooting. Various automatic feeders and conveying mechanisms can be designed according to customer requirements. It can be connected with aluminum-plastic packaging machines, pillow type packaging machines, cartoning machines, etc. to achieve joint production.

BOPP Wrapping Machine price

BOPP wrapping machine price:

There are many series of wrapping machines, and the prices of different models are also different. At present, the price is mainly concentrated in 8000-20000 USD. At the same time, our company can customize bopp wrapping machines according to the special needs of customers, and the specific price will also increase.


The control panel of the bopp wrapping machine developed by our company is simple and easy to understand, and uses high-quality electronic components to ensure stability after long-term operation; the built-in high-speed steel cutter adopts high-speed rotary film cutting, which cuts crisply and cuts smoothly , sturdy and durable, beautiful and practical. Heat and reshape the upper and lower sides of the product to make the film closer to the box, and the shape is more compact and beautiful; the two heat seals are firmly bonded, and the heating temperature can be adjusted as needed; the double-sided corner is completed at one time. Using two-way aluminum plate heating, high-efficiency left and right heat sealing, fast heating and good bonding effect.


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