Camphor usually comes in two types, one is flaky and the other is spherical. The two types require different packaging equipment to complete packaging process. Here will introduce a wrapping machine suitable for camphor flakes — cellophane wrapping machine.


The camphor flakes wrapped by this machine can effectively prevent dust, moisture and pollution. You can pack together different quantities of camphor flakes. Many customers will choose 5 pieces, but some will also choose 10 pieces.



The applicable materials of this machine are cellophane and BOPP coated film. It is a general equipment for three-dimensional packaging of cartons of different specifications or hard-edged objects. It takes mechanical linkage as the main body, and adopts stepless frequency conversion speed regulation and automatic control of electrical accessories. This machine integrates machine, electricity and gas, and has the advantages of compact structure, beautiful performance, convenient operation, convenient maintenance, small size and high degree of automation.

  1. Panasonic servo motor film feeding
  2. Siemens PLC, touch screen
  3. Siemens temperature controller
  4. Double rotary cutter
  5. Frequency conversion speed regulation, adjust the packaging speed.


What is the camphor flakes wrapping machine price?

The camphor flakes wrapping machine price is related to the model of the machine, if you choose the 300 model, then its price is about 10000-15000USD. Prices vary between different models. Of course, the sizes of camphor flakes produced by different manufacturers are also different, which will also affect your choice of machine model.


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