How do you cellophane a box? There are usually two options, one is manual wrapping and the other is machine wrapping. For many cosmetic companies, they use professional cellophane wrapping machines to complete.


The process of this packaging method is very simple, the packaging film is cut into the required length by a cutter, the box is conveyed by a conveyor, the cylinder pushes the stack (according to the required form and quantity), and the film is wrapped and folded to form a medium-sized package.


This video can better explain how do you cellophane a box?


The work of the machine is completed by a series of cams inside the machine to drive various connecting rods and components. Adopt multi-function digital display frequency conversion stepless speed regulation, PLC programming control technology. Automatic box feeding, automatic counting, touch display to realize man-machine interface, pneumatic film falling; and can be used in connection with other production lines.



  1. Time to change the mold: only 30 minutes for skilled workers.
  2. The service life of the film cutter: up to 2 years without sharpening the blade.
  3. Wiring automation: direct conveyor belt butt wiring
  4. Cutter mount: double arm support can be hand-lifted
  5. Lower film assist: Adopt advanced four-station guided type of upper blowing and lower suction film.
  6. Easy maintenance: the machine space is enlarged, each part has the size of the female finger, and the maintenance and locking parts do not need to disassemble any parts.
  7. No loss of materials: The consumables can be directly packaged and separated from the paper tube, and considerable cost can be saved after long-term calculation.
  8. Countertop mold: It can be directly retractable, in case the length of the box is different, it can be directly adjusted to save the cost of the mold.
  9. Safety protection: As soon as the machine has a fault or a card box, the module will automatically detect, automatically stop, and automatically alarm
  10. Operational safety: comes with a fully-sealed cover, dust-proof and accident-proof for operators.
  11. Machine action: three servo motor operation
  12. Easy-to-pull knife: the length is retractable and horizontally adjustable (semi-circular knife edge).


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