Cellophane film is a very important consumable when using a cellophane wrapping machine. Due to the large number of cellophane film manufacturers, many customers worry about whether it is suitable for their own machines when purchasing cellophane film. In order to help customers solve this problem, we can also provide customers with cellophane film while providing packaging machines. Make the machine run better.

cellophane film

But no matter where you buy cellophane film, you must choose carefully:

  1. Are the size and thickness suitable for your machine?
  2. Whether it is real cellophane. It can be confirmed from the following aspects:
  3. Cellophaneis hard to strech, and easy to tear.
  4. Cellophane does not deorient due to heat normalization, will become brittle and shrink slightly due to moisture loss.
  5. Cellophane does not melt, drip, or form beads; burns same as paper; continues to burn when withdrawn from flame.


Why use cellophane film?

  • Low cost— Cellophane has been around since 1912, and it is a by-product of the paper industry. Compared with other environmentally friendly plastic alternatives, cellophane has a lower cost.
  • Moisture-proof–Cellophane is resistant to moisture and water vapor, making it an excellent choice for display and storage of food.
  • Oil resistant–They naturally resist oils and fats, so cellophane is very suitable for baked goods, nuts and other greasy foods.
  • Can be heat sealed–Cellophane can be heat sealed. With the right tools, you can heat seal quickly and easily.


If you still don’t know how to choose, you can buy a small amount of cellophane and try it on the machine to ensure that the machine can run normally.