Cigarette cellophane wrapping machine is widely used in the cigarette industry. In order for the machine to provide you with long-term and efficient service, its daily maintenance is also very important. So what maintenance is needed in daily work?


  1. The machine should be operated and maintained by dedicated personnel.
  2. Always check the oil level in the gearbox, and the oil level should be no less than 2/3 of the height of the box.
  3. All chain drives, gear drives, cam drives and sheave drives are all lubricated with grease, and grease should be added every three months. At the same time, according to the transmission situation, check the working conditions of each tensioning sprocket regularly and make adjustments at any time.
  4. The machine should be kept tidy and beautiful, and the outer cover and surface of the machine should be cleaned regularly with a soft cloth slightly sticky with detergent and water.
  5. If you do not use the machine for a long time, please clean the cutter part.
  6. When it is found that the transmission positions of the machine are not synchronized (advanced or lagging), the machine should be shut down and checked immediately to find out the cause, and then restart the machine after troubleshooting, otherwise the other parts of the machine will be easily damaged.


Common faults and troubleshooting methods:

  1. The film covering the box is not neatly up and down

Adjust the pair of thimble seats on the fixed cutter, check whether the position of the thimble seat needs to be adjusted and whether the thimble is in place, and then make corresponding adjustments.

  1. Cannot be heat-sealed or the heat-sealing effect is not good

Check whether the push plate is pushed to the front of the lower folding film plate, and whether the rear pressure plate presses the box tightly? If it is too loose, the box will slide forward due to inertia, making it impossible to heat seal.

  1. Bad corners

Check whether the gap between the crimping device and the folding film board is installed according to the installation requirements, and whether it is at a horizontal angle relative to the package? Is it in the center of the package? Adjust the installation position of the angler appropriately.

  1. The packaging film is not cut

Check whether the cutter cylinder is working properly; whether the screws that fix the cutter and the swing cutter are loose; whether the cutter guide block is offset, and whether the cutter is worn out, etc.


If you want more maintenance information of the cigarette cellophane wrapping machine, you can leave us a message.