Fully Automatic Cigarette Packing Machine for Sale

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The cigarette packing machine is a very important tool in the cigarette packing process. The main function is to wrap the cigarette box with cellophane film to achieve moisture-proof, dust-proof and anti-counterfeiting effects.


Application of Cigarette Packaging Equipment:

It is widely used in the automatic packaging of various box items in the industries of medicines, health products, cosmetics, tea, food, stationery (such as erasers, etc.), tobacco industry etc. It can play the role of moisture-proof, dust-proof and anti-counterfeiting, and also help to improve the packaging grade of the cigarette and increase the added value of the cigarette.

Application of Cigarette Packaging Equipment

Cigarette Packing Machine Features:

  • Adopt well-known brand digital display inverter, touch screen, PLC control and electrical components, servo motor film, and cylinder drive.
  • The cigarette box can be wrapped individually or collectively(use 10 packs model). Automatically feed cigarette boxes, fold packaging material, heat seal, pack, count, and automatically paste anti-counterfeiting tear tape.
  • Compact structure, stable and reliable operation, fast speed, firm sealing, smooth and beautiful.
  • The packaging speed can adjust, the film is not delivered when the cigarette box is missing, the machine will stop when the cigarette box is missing, the fault diagnosis is convenient, the adjustment is convenient, and the operation and maintenance are simple.
  • It has the function of digital display of heat sealing temperature, and the transmission part is equipped with various protection devices.
  • You can add film feeding clutch, the film length can be adjusted, the film is smoothly loaded, the length is accurate, and no packaging materials are wasted.

Cigarette packaging equipment

Why Choose Our Cigarette Packaging Equipment?

  1. More experience. Engaged in the packing machinery manufacturing industry for many years, rich experience, bring you affordable price.
  2. Good quality. The factory is strong, the production process is strictly controlled, and the quality of the products is guaranteed to be your trusted partner.
  3. Professional after-sales. The professional and mature after-sales team will provide you with product consultation and professional services.

After-sales Service Commitment of the Cigarette Packing Machine:

  1. Factory inspection:Each piece of equipment is tested by professional quality inspectors before it leaves the factory, and only after it is qualified can it leave the factory.
  2. Product transportation: After leaving the factory, the transportation unit guarantees safe delivery to the customer’s designated location.
  3. After-sales service:
  4. Installment and debugging: we have installed and debugged before the cigarette packing machine leaves the factory. After reaching the destination, the customer can directly put into production after the test machine.
  5. Operation training: We provide customers with detailed operating manuals and operating videos, and provide online guidance.
  6. Maintain: If you encounter problems during use, please notify us immediately. We will give a solution within 12 hours. If you need to replace accessories, we will arrange delivery as soon as possible.
  7. The machine has a one-year warranty and lifetime maintenance.


Cigarette Packing Machine Technical Parameters:

Model CKBTB-300S
Packaging material film and gold tear tape
Packing speed 40~80 boxes/min packs/min
Max.package size (L)240*(W)120*(H)60mm
Power 220V 50Hz  5kw
Machine weight 760kg
Machine dimensions (L)2001*(W)923*(H)1779mm


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