Overwrapping machine is widely used in the pharmaceutical industry. It can not only be used for packaging a single medicine box, but also can wrap multiple medicine boxes together. And for different box sizes, we can provide different packaging solutions to complete the overwrap process. And the machine can be used in conjunction with front-end production equipment and cartoning equipment to form a complete production line.

overwrapping machine pharmaceutical

Why use this packaging method?

The main packaging materials for this packaging method are cellophane and BOPP film. Wrapped on the product can play a role of moisture-proof and anti-fouling, and protect the medicine very well. You can also increase the easy-pull thread function to play a role in anti-counterfeiting.


How to choose the right model?

Generally, we will comprehensively consider which model is suitable for your product from the following aspects.

  1. Single package or multiple packages
  2. The size of the box (if you want to pack multiple sizes, you need to list each specific size)
  3. Requirements for packaging speed
  4. What is your packaging material?


According to the choices of customers in the past, 300A and 400 are more widely used. But what is the difference between them?



After the box is manually put into the hopper, the vertical film is wrapped by the back pusher through the film cutting machine and then pushed into the corresponding cavity of the turret. When the turret rotates 90°, the pre-sealing part will fold the wrapping film on one side from the outside to the inside. Then the pre-sealed swing arm folds the film on the other side from the outside to the inside and pre-seals it. After the pre-sealing is completed, the folded swing arm and the pre-sealed swing arm are returned separately. When the turret rotates another 45°, the long-seal component will seal the film and then return it. When the turret rotates 45° again, the pusher of the discharging propeller pushes the packing box out of the turret mold cavity and enters the side seal part. The packaging box is sequentially folded on both sides of the upper and lower edges, front and rear side seals, and then enters the shaping part under the push of the rear packing box, and becomes the finished product after shaping.



  1. The box move forward under the push of a rake, and a cut film is hung vertically.
  2. When the box passes, the film wraps it around.
  3. The front-side folding board makes the first crease of the film.
  4. Vertically seal the lower folding board and fold upwards, and the upper folding board is folded down and heat-sealed to form.
  5. The movable folding plate on the rear end creates a second crease on the end.
  6. Fold the upper side.
  7. Fold the bottom side.
  8. Heat sealing on both sides.