Perfume is a relatively expensive product, and its production, packaging, and transportation processes have also attracted much attention. Especially when we buy perfume, we will find its box is wrapped in cellophane.


But why cellophane wrap for perfume?

  1. High transparency and strong gloss, which can ensure the aesthetics and also allow consumers to clearly see the appearance of the product.
  2. Play the role of dust and pollution prevention.
  3. Add easy tear lines on the cellophane, which can play a role in anti-counterfeiting.


How cellophane wrap for perfume?

Usually, this requires a professional cellophane wrapping machine to complete, so as to ensure a good packaging effect. The workflow is as follows:

After the perfume is manually put into the hopper, the film is wrapped by the back pusher through the film cutting machine and then pushed into the corresponding cavity of the turret. When the turret rotates 90°, the folding film swing arm in the pre-sealed part moves to fold the wrap film on one side from the outside to the inside. Then the pre-sealing swing arm folds the film on the other side from the outside to the inside and pre-seales it. After the pre-sealing is completed, the folded swing arm and the pre-sealed swing arm are retracted separately. When the turret rotates another 45°, the ejector head pushes the perfume out of the turret mold cavity and enters the side seal part. The perfume is sequentially folded on both sides, top-folded, bottom-folded, front and rear side sealed, and it enters the shaping process under the push of the perfume at the back, and can be shipped after shaping.


If the text description is not very clear, I believe this video can better show the whole process.