Box cellophane wrapping machine is an important tool for cosmetic boxes’ overwrap. It can increase the added value of the product and achieve the effect of moisture and dust resistance.

box cellophane wrapping machine buy

But when you buy a box cellophane wrapping machine, what issues should be paid attention to?

  1. Determine the size of the box

About the size of the product(Including length, width and height), It must be accurate. Because a mold can only pack one size. If you want to pack boxes of different sizes, you need to list all sizes. This is helpful for manufacturers to recommend suitable models to you.


  1. Machine requirements

Different customers have different packaging requirements for the machine. For example, packaging speed requirements, how many boxes need to be packed per minute? According to the actual situation of the enterprise, the requirements for capacity are different, so the purchase requirements of the machine are also different.


  1. Machine details

Including the working principle of the machine, the material of the machine, the electrical components used, the manufacturing process, etc. These are reference values, considering whether the value of the machine is equal to the manufacturer’s quotation. This is also related to the quality of the machine.


  1. Qualification

Regardless of whether it is a legal owner registered with the Industrial and Commercial Bureau, it is recommended to consider the seller’s integrity and industry experience. Industry experience, machine quality, and stability are the keys.


  1. After-sales service

After-sales service is a very important part. It is necessary to clearly understand the warranty period and maintenance time. Unless there are skilled workers in the factory who can solve the problems encountered during the operation of the machine, this will affect the production of the factory.


  1. Shop around

Finally, the most important thing is to shop around! Compare with quality, after-sales, and price.


If you encounter problems during buying a cellophane box wrapping machine, you can contact us, we will use our rich experience to answer all your questions for you.