Plastic wrap around cigarette pack is a very popular packaging method now. It can effectively prevent dust, moisture, and better protect cigarettes.

plastic wrap around cigarette pack

Plastic wrap around cigarette pack requires a professional cigarette pack wrapping machine to complete in order to achieve a good packaging effect. So how to choose the right equipment?


  1. Confirm the size of the cigarette pack. Different sizes of cigarette cases require different molds. So the size of the cigarette case is very important for the choice of machine model.
  2. If you plan to visit the factory, please try to pay attention to the whole machine, especially the details of the machine. The quality of the machine always depends on the details, it is best to carry samples for machine testing.
  3. Regarding after-sales service. Efficient after-sales service can ensure your long-term stable use of the machine and create more profits for you.
  4. Try to choose a machine that is simple to operate and maintain. Complete accessories and continuous automatic feeding system can increase the packaging speed and reduce the labor cost for the long-term development of the enterprise.


After choosing the right machine, the daily maintenance of the machine is also very important. This can ensure the long-term stable operation of the machine.

Daily maintenance is mainly cleaning, lubricating, testing and tightening.

  1. Processing based on routine maintenance, mainly lubrication, tightening and testing of related parts and cleaning processes.
  2. Mainly focus on testing and adjustment, specifically testing motors, clutches, transmissions, drive components, steering and brake components.
  3. Mainly focus on testing, adjusting and avoiding possible failures, the degree of wear of various parts. These parts may cause potential failures of the operating conditions and the machine, and should be inspected and condition tested to complete the necessary replacement.


Seasonal maintenance measures in summer and winter should be concentrated on the power system (motor), conveying system (screw shaft and belt conveyor). The control system (especially the maintenance of the electrical control cabinet, this part should be carried out under the guidance of the engineer).